Tyre Services in Townsville

At Petersen’s Secondhand & New Tyres, we do more than supply new and secondhand tyres, and we ensure they are correctly fitted, balanced and repaired as well. If you have issues with your current tyres - such as excessive vibration or a puncture - then visit us at our workshop for fast and friendly service.
Tyre Fitting — Secondhand & New Tyres in Townsville, QLD


Tire fitting involves removing your old tires and mounting the new ones. Whether you need new tyres for long-term replacement or want to change tyres for the winter months, we can assist with professional tyre fitting.
Tyre Balancing — Secondhand & New Tyres in Townsville, QLD


Tyre balancing can lengthen the life of tyres and ensure a comfortable and smooth ride while you drive. Our professional team provides tyre fitting and balancing as a part of our new or secondhand tyre purchase. We can also balance your existing tyres as well.
Tyre Repair — Secondhand & New Tyres in Townsville, QLD


If your tyre has minor damage, such as a puncture caused by a nail, we can promptly and effectively repair the issue to avoid the need for complete tyre replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take to fit new tyres?

    The time it takes to fit a new tyre depends on several variables and it is hard to pinpoint an exact time. In general, it is best to expect 15-30 minutes per tyre change.

  2. How long do tyres last?

    Tyres can last up to five years with proper care, although it is recommended to change your tyres at least every 40,000 kilometers. If tyres become damaged or there are signs of excessive wear and tear, then consult with a professional.

  3. What does it mean to balance a tyre?

    Essentially, tyre balancing involves ensuring proper weight distribution around the unit. It is typically performed during routine maintenance or if there is too much tyre vibration.

  4. Do new tyres need balancing?

    It is best to balance new tyres to avoid a smooth and comfortable experience while driving. It also helps slow down tread wear and can improve fuel economy.

  5. Is it worth repairing a punctured tyre?

    Depending on the size of the puncture, it might be best to replace the tyre rather than repair it. If the puncture is small, then you can likely fix the issue long-term through a professional tyre repair.