Tyres in Townsville

Petersen’s Secondhand & New Tyres offers high-quality new and secondhand tyres from trusted brands. We regularly source the best deals for our clients, from the best tyre companies.
We are in Townsville and encourage anyone who needs new tyres for their car, truck, caravan, RV or another type of vehicle to stop by for a free consultation.
SUV Tyre — Secondhand & New Tyres in Townsville, QLD

Secondhand Tyres

We offer secondhand tyres from most major brands, and we provide great deals on high-quality tyres that are still in good condition.
Tyres Inside A Warehouse — Secondhand & New Tyres in Townsville, QLD

New Tyres

New tyres are a great way to get high-quality tyres that last for multiple years before they need repair or replacement. The brands we have in stock vary based on the deals that are available at the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are secondhand tyres safe?

    Secondhand tyres is a broad term, and it can range from tyres that are ten years old without any tread to tyres that are just a few years old and still in great condition. Therefore, it is important to purchase secondhand tyres from a trusted provider to ensure long-term safety.

  2. Are more expensive tyres worth buying?

    It depends. New tyres that are more expensive are often a good option for those who prefer maximum safety and long-term reliability, especially those who drive more.

  3. Should tyres be replaced in pairs?

    In many instances, it is best to replace at least two tyres at a time, although it may not be necessary if one of the existing tyres is still in quality condition. The mechanic may recommend rearranging the tyres if this is the case.

  4. What do new tyres do for a car?

    New tyres can improve safety by making it easier to stop and go, along with better handling of the vehicle in less than ideal weather conditions. It can also make the ride more comfortable.

  5. How long do new tyres last?

    New tyres will naturally last longer than secondhand tyres. In many instances, new tyres can last for five years, although most tyre professionals recommend changing them out every two to three years or every 40,000 kilometers.